Tarshish – the Kosher restaurant

Tarshish is the only kosher restaurant in Sri Lanka. The restaurant is operated by a local chef under the supervision of Rabbi Crombie.
The menu is varied and includes western, local and Middle Eastern food.
To download the menu please click here.
For orders please call: 077-3409048, or click here to order by email.
We are looking forward to serving you!
Kosher unique Middle East food

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 – 16:00 and Friday: 9:00 – 13:00
For orders please call: 077-3409048


300.00 Rs. Israeli salad
350.00 Rs. Coleslaw Salad
350.00 Rs. Egg salad
550.00 Rs. Tuna salad
300.00 Rs. Beets salad
300.00 Rs. Moroccan carrot salad
450.00 Rs. Tahini dip
400.00 Rs. Hummus spread (chick pea and Tahini dip)
350.00 Rs. Babaganouj (classic smoked eggplant spread)
300.00 Rs. Eggplant slices in garlic and lemon
300.00 Rs. Matbucha
350.00 Rs. Avocado Salad
500.00 Rs. Chopped liver


Pita 50.00 Rs.
Bun 60.00 Rs.
Challa 300.00 Rs.


Tuna and Mayonnaise 800.00 Rs.
Chicken and Mayonnaise 800.00 Rs.
Avocado 700.00 Rs.
Tahini and eggplants 600.00 Rs.
Variety of omelets:

Plain, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Herbs

600.00 Rs.

Main Courses:


(served with pita bread, Tahini dip and Vegetables salad)

600.00 Rs.
Shkshuka 600.00 Rs.
Chicken Schnitzel 1,200.00 Rs.
Chinese style chicken and vegetables 1,200.00 Rs.
Grilled chicken 1,200.00 Rs.
Chicken burger 1,200.00 Rs.
Lemon chicken 1,200.00 Rs.
Rice and curry (chicken) 1,500.00 Rs.
Chicken Kabab 1,200.00 Rs.
BBQ chicken 1,200.00 Rs.
Shishlik (Israeli Skewers) 1,200.00 Rs.
Morocan fish (Garoupa) – hot and spicy 1,100.00 Rs.
Griled fish with herbs (St. Peter’s fish/ Garoupa) 1,100.00 Rs.
Fish schnitzel 1,100.00 Rs.
Rice and curry (fish) 1,350.00 Rs.

Side dishes:

French fries 400.00 Rs.
Rice 400.00 Rs.
Spaghetti Napolitano 500.00 Rs.
Chinese style vegetables 400.00 Rs.
Grilled potatoes and pumpkin 400.00 Rs.
Couscous 400.00 Rs.


Mushrooms pie 650.00 Rs.
Potato pie 650.00 Rs.


Vegetable soup 400.00 Rs.
Chicken noodles soup 500.00 Rs.


Sprite 150.00 Rs.
Pineapple Shake 400.00 Rs.
Banana Shake 400.00 Rs.
Mix Fruits Shake 500.00 Rs.
Beer 500.00 Rs.


Banana cake 600.00 Rs.
Chocolate cake 600.00 Rs.
Apple cake 600.00 Rs.
Fruit salad 500.00 Rs.
Pancake with fruit and maple syrup 500.00 Rs.
Shabbat Package:
4 buns, 4 Salads, fish, chicken, side dish, desert and wine: 5,500.00 Rs.
Business lunch:
Main dish, 2 side dishes and salad: 2,000 Rs.